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Romans 12:13

13: Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Life Application Study Bible NIV.

12:13 Christian hospitality differs from social entertaining. Entertaining focuses on the host: The home must be spotless; the food must be well prepared and abundant; the host must appear relaxed and good-natured. Hospitality, by contrast, focuses on the guests. Their needs—whether for a place to stay, nourishing food, a listening ear, or acceptance—are the primary concern. Hospitality can happen in a messy home. It can happen around a dinner table where the main dish is canned soup. It can even happen while the host and the guest are doing chores together. Don’t hesitate to offer hospitality just because you are too tired, too busy, or not wealthy enough to entertain. Life Application Study Bible NIV.

How often do we think like this about hospitality?? Probably anytime we have company over. Its all about being ready and properly prepared. Paul is telling us a totally different scenario or should I say the proper way of hospitality. Making sure that the company feels at home and welcome. Feels like they are in their own home. That they are well taken care of. That they are important to the affair that we are having. To often we forget how to be truly HOSPITABLE. HOW TO TRULY love SOMEONE when they need that Love or even if they don't. Jesus was always hospitable even if he wasn’t at home. Look at the times he fed the multitudes. The times he healed the sick. The day he washed the disciple feet!!! ON THE WAY HOME WALK WITH JESUS always showing the HOSPITABLE LOVE Jesus gave to the people back then and even to us when he shows his grace and mercy to those of us that will accept the free gift of salvation!!!

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