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1 Corinthians 13:4 …. love is kind….

Webster’s Dictionary says: 1. Affectionate, loving, 2. Of a sympathetic nature. A. disposed to be helpful and solicitous, B. of a forbearing nature; gentle, 3 of a kind to give pleasure of relief; agreeable.

This is another part of human nature that we seem to neglect. How often when our wife cooks a good meal do we give her a compliment, or even when it’s not so good do we also agree with her that she is tired or the kids kept her busy and it was a quick supper. Or when the children get on our nerves do you stop, think, and say very gently “Hey kids, I don’t feel good tonight. Would you please play outside?” Many of us will snap and say get out of the house, I’ve got a headache, or you are giving me a headache. Or even you see a person down on their luck do you walk right on by? That doesn’t mean give everyone you see money, but maybe you could stop and ask can you buy their supper and while you are doing that give them your testimony of how Christ’s love has changed your life. ON THE WAY HOME WALK WITH JESUS and be kind to someone today.

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