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PROVERBS 6:20-24

20My son,keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.21Bind them always on your heart;fasten them around your neck.22When you walk, they will guide you;when you sleep, they will watch over you;when you awake, they will speak to you.23For this command is a lamp,this teaching is a light,and correction and instruction are the way to life,24keeping you from your neighbor’s wife,from the smooth talk of a wayward woman.

6: 20-23   It is natural and good for children, as they grow toward adulthood, to become increasingly independent of their parents. Young adults, however, should take care not to turn a deaf ear to their parents to reject their advice just when it is needed most. If you are struggling with a decision or looking for insight, check with your parents or other older adults who know you well. Their extra years of experience may have given them the wisdom you seek.

Tyndale. NIV Life Application Study Bible.

In todays world of smartphones alot of the time our children think that the internet is the only place to get a answer for a question they have or don't know about! And that any response or answer that contradicts the internets "info chain" is wrong. Yet as "CHISTIAN PARENTS WITH CHRISTIAN VALUES AND MORALS" we have a different outlook due to knowing GOD'S directioning through the teaching of GOD'S WORD. So ON THE WAY HOME WALK WITH JESUS and know that Christian parents give the best and correct advice when their children are in need of knowledge that is explained in the Bible and should be adhered to due to the worldy acceptable norms be contrary to what GOD has given us in the BIBLE and we do because GOD'S word is the ultimate and only correct authority in ALL situtations that we will encounter in such a fallen world and society. by RICHARD DEAN BROOKS

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