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22Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

15: 22   People with tunnel vision those locked into one way of thinking are likely to miss the right road because they have closed their minds to any new options. We need the help of those who can enlarge our vision and broaden our perspective. Seek out the advice of those who know you and have a wealth of experience. Build a network of advisers. Then be open to new ideas, and weigh their suggestions carefully. Your plans will be clearer and more likely to succeed.Tyndale. NIV Life Application Study Bible.

How many of us think we know it all and fail to take good advice from those older and wiser than us? I know for many years I did! And in doing so I missed out on so many things that could have made my life so much easier and made me a much wiser man at alot younger age than when i finally did start taking advice because i found that i wasn't nearly as smart or wise as i thought!! ON THE WAY HOME WALK WITH JESUS and make sure that we listen to others older and wiser than us so we can gain knowledge from the right people and not stand as to be foolish in our youth!! by RICHARD DEAN BROOKS

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