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Acts 14:1 - Accept the one whose faith is weak without quarreling over disputable matters

14:1 Who is weak in faith and who is strong? We are all weak in some areas and strong in others. Our faith is strong in an area if we can interact with sinful people without falling into their patterns. It is weak in an area if we must avoid certain activities, people, or places in order to protect our spiritual life. It is important to take a self-inventory in order to find out our strengths and weaknesses. Whenever in doubt, we should ask, “Can I do that without sinning? Can I influence others for good, rather than being influenced by them?” In areas of strength, we should not fear being defiled by the world; rather we should go and serve God. In areas of weakness, we need to be cautious. If we have a strong faith but shelter it, we are not doing Christ’s work in the world. If we have a weak faith but expose it, we are being extremely foolish.

This verse assumes there will be differences of opinion in the church (disputable matters). Paul says we are not to quarrel about issues that are matters of opinion. Differences should not be feared or avoided, but accepted and handled with love. Don’t expect everyone, even in the best possible church, to agree on every subject. Through sharing ideas we can come to a fuller understanding of what the Bible teaches. Accept, listen to, and respect others. Differences of opinion need not cause division. They can be a source of learning and richness in our relationships. Tyndale. Life Application Study Bible NIV

WOW hot button issue there today!! So many denominations and so much disagreement!!! Todays “religious” world is certainly at odds with each other on what their denominations says is the way to heaven. When the Bible says plainly JESUS is the ONLY way to salvation. That the belief in JESUS and what he did at the Cross and faith in him is the only way to salvation. So why the Idle disputes?? Because satan want to keep us divided. He wants us to keep arguing among ourselves so he can keep us distracted from our purpose of spreading the Gospel. He wants our faith to be exposed as weak and not aligning with what scripture says. And what better example do we see than in todays government and all the devisiveness that they attempt to keep us divided. Along with their never ending persecution of the Christians. They want us to believe that they can fix things when we see clearly that is not happening. ONLY OUR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST CAN WE FIND SALVATION!!!! ON THE WAY HOME WALK WITH JESUS and make sure that your FAITH stays strong everyday all day.

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